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Aerial Filming services across the UK

Get a birds eye view with our stunning HD Aerial Videography

Why do I need Aerial Filming?

To be honest nothing else gives you the scale and perspective for your project quite like filming from above. Our multi-rotor UAV can operate up to 400ft giving you a unique view of the world below in Full HD and 4K video. With our custom gimbal (specifically designed for use with DSLR’s) and integrated vibration dampening this ensures dynamic but incredibly smooth footage. We have fast set-up times and can offer a stunning views without the need for a big movie budget.
drone filming
aerial filming

“We have the technology”

We love to show off so here are a few features which help us capture your stunning aerial footage (warning – it gets a bit techie!)
  • Carbon Fibre “Heavy Lift” Octocopter capable of flights up to 18mins
  • Dual Transmitter allowing pilot and gimbal operator work independently proving more creative options
  • Full HD DSLR for beautiful video (even in low light) with 360° field of view
  • Video is transmitted in real-time to the payload operator and client allowing instant feedback

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What kind of aerial filming qualifications do you have?
Our Aerial filming Team have the following accreditations:
  • BNUC-S Qualified Pilots
  • CAA Approved
  • Comprehensively Insured
How stable is the footage?
With our custom gimbal (specifically designed for use with DSLR cameras), advanced flight controller and integrated vibration dampening this keeps the UAV drone exceptionally stable.
Can we view the footage whilst filming?
Yes certainly. We can provide live streaming to the client via a first person view display which allows for direct client input.