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Web Video of the Week – How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit

Due to juggling a few different projects this week, we’re a bit late to the punch however our favourite web video is How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit.

Shot and edited by Matt Dennison, the video shows you all of the hilarious clichés people encounter when making a “sick” mountain bike video..

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SwitchedOn People – Let your talent show!

We’ve been involved with a few interesting projects over the last couple of months and this video for the guys at SwitchedOn People was no exception.

They are a relatively small company but with big ideas, so we were delighted when they approached us to create an animated explainer video for their new website..

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Web Video of the Week – Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Our favourite web video of the week is Unbelievable Bus Shelter by Pepsi Max.

This PR stunt (which is part of their ‘Unbelievable’ campaign) is a new experiential campaign which takes advantage of augmented reality technology..

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