Event Video Production

Capture your event on film!

Event Video Production

Capture your event on film!

Event videos for any occasion

Whether its for a product launch, trade show, or music festival – our videographers will film all the action. We like to capture the atmosphere to provide lasting memories, giving people the chance to enjoy it time and time again. For businesses, event videos can be used as a promotional tool, to highlight the success of the event which will help to attract potential customers and new sponsors for the future.

On location film crew

All of our videographers are based in London but happy to travel across the UK to film on location. Let us know when and where, and we’ll be there! We can provide a professional event video service that includes on-location filming, video editing and animation. Our experienced camera operators are great at handling the high demands and complex constraints of live events. We put our team together to suit your event, so whether you just require a single videographer or a team for multi-cam set-ups, we are confident we can fulfil your requirements.

Book your videographer!

Whether you require filming for business or personal use, our videographers have the experience and skills to ensure that we capture the day’s activities, creating a lasting resource that can be used long after the event has finished. We will work with you through each stage to create an event video that you will be proud of and want to share with everyone. Get in touch today about shooting your next event video!

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What sort of events do your videographers cover?
We can film a variety of events however we find the most popular are: • Business Conferences • Award Shows • Customer testimonials • Talking Heads • Lectures • GM meetings • Corporate team building events • Product launches • Press releases • Charity events • Interviews • Keynote speeches, • Workshop streaming Whatever the nature of your event, we have the technical skills and knowledge to make sure everything is captured on the day.
What equipment and film crew do you have?
We are able to offer a range of different camera crews to suit your event – from single camera operators to multi-cam setups. Our team is accomplished at handling the high demands and complex constraints placed on event filming. With us you get our creative input and technical expertise, which ensures an event video that is effective, keeps people watching and carries a message. Using a skilled crew, the latest HD digital cameras and video editing software, this ensures that you are not only getting the highest quality but also the best possible value for money. We are also able to offer additional equipment such as: • Lights (Hard lights, LED’s, fluorescents and HMIs) • Sound equipment (lapel mics, radio mics and booms) • Cranes • Dollies and tracking equipment • Car mounts • Steadicams • Auto Cue • Portable green screens Offering a concentrated consultation service our team will develop a step-by-step plan to discover how best to showcase the event to your requirements.
Why should I get my event filmed?
Live events are unpredictable by their very nature (they are also over quickly), which is why it is so important to document them. Whether for promotional or internal requirements we work with you to understand the objectives and running order of your event so we can be in the right place at the right time. Event videos have many purposes, whether to allow those who couldn’t attend the event to view it online, to promote future events, or simply reinforce your brand. We can help you make sure nothing is missed. Our crews have covered most types of live events over the years, from conference filming to exhibitions and awards ceremonies. We know how crucial it is that schedules are kept, speeches and awards are recorded, the right people are interviewed, and most importantly, that the event itself is paramount, not the camera crew.
What is your approach to filming?
Have a good plan – ensure that the running order/itinerary is confirmed and any potential challenges around video or sound are solved prior to the day. It will also ensure a good working relationship between the client, venue and the video production company. Good communication – It’s vital that we have a clear understanding of what your requirements are. There is only one chance for them to get it right. Right tools for the right job – We like to tailor each shoot and make sure we have best kit e.g. event rooms are often poorly lit so a specialist low-light camera is essential or a discreet on camera light for interviews Top-notch sound – we have microphones that can be placed unobtrusively on presenter, or on the lecturer. This will ensure high quality sound. An extra hand – we always find it is better shooting with an additional camera operator, as this will give you more angles and extra coverage. Experience – We understand the time, money and effort that goes into producing events and strive to reflect this within the final edit. Working with a variety of clients from local business to international brands has given us the experience to overcome technical and physical limitations during filming and to ensure we exceed your expectations.