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small-businessThere are many video production companies out there for you to choose from. Not every company will be right for you, different cultures, sizes, expenses and views to choose from. A good to superb company will have all of the following characteristics. By looking at these you should be able to find the perfect company for you.

Skill and Experience

Might sound like a no brainer, but do they have the skills that you are wanting? How is the production quality? Is there work consistently excellent? Look at their past videos and see if they line up with the direction that you want to take. Just because someone happens to own a camcorder does not mean that they have the skills or experience…

Customer Service / Professionalism

When all you can think about is your video customer service seems to be put on the back shelf. These are the people who are going to produce your video though and should be in great consideration! They will be the ones that you negotiate price with, whom you’ll become frequent email buddies with and talk through your entire video with. Are they energetic, quick to respond, what is their attention to detail? They will give you a huge insight into the company and its culture as well.

Lighting & Sound

Good lighting and sound quality is a vital part to good video production. Make sure the subject well light with good contrast, poor lighting will give an amateur feel to the video and ultimately degrade the whole message. Even more crucial is the sound. No one will bat an ear lob at good sound but everyone will notice bad sound!

Culture Fit

When looking at their company can you see the video you want being displayed next to their others? If you don’t feel like your companies mesh well then what’s to say that your ideas and their ideas will mesh well? Stay away from companies that don’t produce the kind of work you’re looking for.

Cares About Your Company

You want them to genuinely be interested in what you are doing. No, not everyone is going to love your product or service as much as your own company does, but having a production company that can be passionate about filming you in the same way that you are passionate about your product or service it will go more effortlessly. Just make sure that they are invested in making your video a success.

Listens To You and Willing To Work With You

Listen to what it is you really want and respond accordingly. That isn’t to say that you should be dictator and tell them how to do their job. The production company should be able to look at your situation and outline what they think is the best for your company by incorporating their ideas and simultaneously integrating the objectives you want.


They should be honest and upright with you about what everything will cost and what they plan on doing. There is always room to negotiate so don’t let that stand in the way.

Fresh and Creative

Not accepting of the status quo. That they have ideas that can accompany yours and really sling shot you up to the next tier.

Keep it Short

Always consider the medium and setting your viewer is in. People that are likely to watch your corporate video production are probably at work and won’t have much time. Therefore get to the point quickly and precisely. Most viewers won’t watch a video if its over 3:30 but will if its under 1:30.

Compare. Keep these all in mind and while you are looking at different companies compare the ones you’ve found so that you can make the best choice for you. Always dig a little deeper. You never know where this could go, you may end up picking a company that will turn into a long term partner. Please contact us for more information.