Redrock Micro – One Man Crew

Check out this new bit of kit from Redrock Micro, it’s called the parabolic track slider. If you’re a freelance cameraman working alone then we reckon this should definitely be on your future wish list. It gives you nice smooth cinematic movements while keeping the subject both in focus and stationary in the frame. Most importantly, it does this without any operator involvement!

It’s designed for individuals/small crews looking to add a bit of motion to simple interview style videos or as an extra camera for multi cam shoots (without the need for a bigger crew).

The big difference between this slider and others on the market is the parabolic curve — the 36” long track offers great flexibility and can set shorter limits for motion. It also comes with a range of features such as speed control, automatic easing in and out of stops and load weights of up to 20 lbs.

Check out the video if you have a moment.. looks interesting 😉