Promotional Video Production

That Packs a Punch!

The best way to communicate and connect with people

Promotional Video Production

That Packs a Punch!

The best way to communicate and connect with people

Capture your viewers attention

All websites need a promotional video, not just to enhance the site visually, but to also help drive traffic to the site and to improve user engagement. An impactful, innovative promotional video can convert a browser into a buyer (making them an efficient and cost effective way to market your business). Promotional videos are used by businesses to show new products/services, improve user engagement, to inform and to entertain. This makes the use of promotional video ideal for product launches, demonstrations, tutorials and website content.
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Make a good first impression

The most common use of video on websites is an effective landing page video. First impressions count, and you will need to make an impact within the first 3 seconds of a prospective customer landing on the site if you have any chance of winning their business. Statistics have proven that web users will be more compelled to watch a video to gain information than read paragraphs of text. An effective promotional video will deliver your message and connect with your potential customers within seconds, enhancing sales, increasing awareness and instilling confidence in your company.

Custom promotional video production

At Creature Productions we work with you to engage, inform and connect with your customers. We offer a range of promotional video packages to suit all budgets. You may be looking for a low cost- effective way to showcase all your services and products, or perhaps you wish to produce a series of videos for a product launch, or a selection of video testimonials that will enhance your credibility and help to build trust. Whatever your requirements, Creature Productions will help and guide you on how you can achieve your goal through the use of video.
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What is a promotional video?
With the spread of global Internet access, fibre optic and faster streaming, video clips have become very popular online. Online video advertising is emerging as a powerful platform to deliver a punchy, interactive and highly targeted message. Promotional videos can be used to sum up your business, describe a product, describe your services show your audience how you can help them, make them an offer – the options are infinite.
What format can I have the video in?
We can supply the final edited video in a range of popular formats depending on your requirements (H.264, FLV, WMV, AVI, M-PEG). We can encode videos for playback on a range of tablets and smart phones if required. The file can be delivered online via Dropbox or a hard copy can be sent to you on disc in the post. If required we can deliver the final video onto DVD with titles, full menus system and chapter points. We are experienced with a wide variety of delivery formats and will work with you to ensure your video plays smoothly and troubleshoot any possible problems.
Why might I need a promotional video?
Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube – that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year. That shows you that a great promotional video can really help drive traffic by drawing a global audience. It’s difficult to run a successful business without a strong web authority – online video creates engaging experiences for web users by quickly and effectively communicating your business message. If you want your businesses to be competitive in today’s market, you will eventually have to do so within an on-line environment. Promotional video can increase user interaction with your website/brand and capture the attention of your clients. Video is a highly effective way of communicating with people, whether they are at home or work. Studies have repeatedly shown that people prefer (due to our love for television) to watch a video than simply reading text. They’re also twice as likely to digest and retain that information, which makes video especially useful if you provide a service or product that requires a lot of explanation.
How long do they take to produce?
We work with a wide variety of deadlines and different sized projects, however average turnaround is approximately 1-2 weeks (including filming, editing, sound, graphics and feedback/amendments). This can be less depending on your deadline and we are always happy to work to your schedule. The concept creation/communication is around 1-2 days, the filming is 1-2 days, editing/sound is 3-5 days, graphic is 1-3 days and then feedback is around 1-2 days. The process time can be minimized, for example by limiting the number of people involved in the approval process (too many cooks spoil the broth!), ensuring clear lines of communication are in place throughout each stage of the production process. We like to adopt a simple and transparent workflow, working with you every step of the way to make sure your promo video is entertaining and engaging.