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Professional Voiceover Artists

Finding a voice for your business

Reinforce your key messages

Choosing the right voiceover artist is crucial to ensure your message is the one that is remembered over any of your competitors. We have all watched adverts on the TV – some voiceovers and jingles stick in your mind for ages, and some are forgotten about almost as soon as you have heard them. We can provide you with a voice that will make your video one to remember. It will not only effectively communicate your message, but it will also work to connect you with your target audience.

So many voiceovers!

We have a wide selection of voiceover artists with a range of accents and nationalities. We can either provide you with a basic selection of voiceover samples to choose from or we can search our database based on your requirements (gender, age and regional accent). In the initial stages of production, we work with you, taking a good look at your company ethos and what makes you different from your competitors.

It’s all in the script!

We can help you to create an entertaining, informative and engaging script that clearly communicates your product and/or service whilst reinforcing your brand. A good voiceover will not only reinforce key messages within a video but will help to convey insight, authority, comedy and charm. It can also make your video work harder to promote your product or service, increase sales and give your company a recognisable personality.

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Do you provide voiceovers without a video?
Yes we do. The majority of our video productions require voiceovers however if you just need one without a video then that’s not a problem.
How fast is your turnaround?
This depends on the length and content of your script so please contact us directly for further details. If it is a short script which has been prepared and finalised, we can often record and deliver your audio recording within 24 hours. Once we have a copy of the script (to get an idea of content, tone and word count) we will let you know an accurate time frame.
Are all of your voiceover artists in-house?
No. All of our voiceovers work remotely and have their own fully equipped professional studio with ISDN, Source Connect and Skype for working for clients worldwide. We find this faster (as they can record and make changes quicker) and also more cost effective.
How much does it all cost?
We charge fees based on the length of your script and how the final delivered script will be distributed (commercial, broadcast/non-broadcast, web/intranet). You can either let us know your budget or just request a tailored quote based on your requirements. However, as a general rule voiceover costs depend on a few common factors: • Experience and skill of the voiceover artist • Studio equipment and production value • The length and complexity of the script (language, tone) • Special Requests with the voice e.g. tone, delivery and speed • If you require additional editing, sound FX and music • Where it is being broadcasted or distributed online (if incorporated into a video)
I have no idea where to start with choosing a voiceover?
The best way to start is to imagine what sort of voice would represent your company in the best way. Do you want something fun and friendly? Or maybe something serious and authoritative? If you can’t decide then we can provide a basic selection of voice over samples to choose from. Once you have decided on a few then the next step is to get them to record a sample for you. Whilst listening to the sample, ask yourself questions like – does this voice sell my product/service? A good voiceover will give your script energy and driving force, allowing it to engage to the person listening. It will not only reinforce key messages within a video but also help convey insight, authority and charm.
How can you deliver the final music file?
The final voiceover file can be delivered as a WAV, AIFF, MP3, OMF, VOX and most other common audio formats, at any bit rate or frequency required. Just let us know and we can suggest an appropriate format.