Web Video of the Week – BELIEVE

Our favourite web video of the week is BELIEVE by HUVr. If you’ve seen the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II then like us you’ve must have fantasised about how awesome it would be to own a real hoverboard. The video (claiming to be “completely real”) demonstrates the technology with various interviews and shots of celebrities (including Tony Hawk, Moby and Terrelle Owens) riding HUVr Boards around down town Los Angeles.

The video was created by the HUVr team, who according to the website, are a group of scientists (who met during a summer project at MIT in 2010) that came together to solve one of the key mysteries of science – antigravity!

Hang on a minute.. something smells fishy!? I hear you say. Well you’re right! it’s a viral marketing campaign for Nike promting their new high-top sneakers with self-tying laces (a direct replica of the shoes Back To The Future promised us we’d be wearing by 2015). Another rumour is that’s its also a subtle announcement that Back To The Future IV is finally out of development hell.

There are a few points throughout the video where we can spot it’s clearly a fake, for example at 2:10 it is you can see that the wires attached to a harness are the real cause of Terrelle Owens lifting into the air. Anyway we think it’s a brilliant video, well executed and really captures your inner child 😀

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