Web Video of the Week – Blood & Oil

Our favourite web video of the week is this awesome short film called Blood & Oil. If you like motorbikes, meticulously composed shots and cracking sound design then you will love this video. Filmed and edited by Cale Glendening, Blood & Oil is a beautiful film about the essence of chasing your passion and the journey it takes you on.

Working with various friends and other freelancers, the entire production was a labour of love and collaboration. Glendening wanted to shoot everyone together and then in their own individual environments, but scheduling all of this at specific times of day to get the best light. The hardest part was the logistics of shooting 15 to 18 people over a three-day period.

“It was a very ambitious shooting schedule, we shot 16+ set ups in 9 locations in 3 days, not including the pick up/spontaneous shoot days. It was on the second day of shooting actually I had this vision for this shot where the sunlight comes through the windows of a garage, and we only had a small gap of time to shoot it before the sun went behind a tree. I immediately knew it was the opening shot.. we knew we were going to have to bring our A-game the rest of the film!”.

We think its a great video from start to finish (obviously we have a weak spot for vintage bikes!), the editing really emphasises this raw feeling of determination by creating a fantastic build up of tension and adrenaline. Check it out.

Produced, Directed and Edited : Cale Glendening
Original Music : JT Daly
Sound Design & Final Mix : Defacto Sound
1st AD : Will Fulford
1st AC : Andrew White
Color : John Carrington
Narrator : Jeffrey Buckner Ford

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