Web Video of the Week – Child of the 90s

Our favourite web video of the week is this awesome advert by Microsoft promoting their latest version of Internet Explorer. The video is called Child of the 90s and it takes you on a journey of what was popular 20 years ago, showing how the times have evolved. We think it’s a hilarious trip down memory lane – you’ll be glad you sat through all 1:41 minutes of it!

The video has a real essence of nostalgia, making the viewer yearn for a lost time of 52k dial-up modems, pogs, slap bracelets, trolls and Tamagotchis. Microsoft wants to remind everyone of how long they have been around and how much they have changed, it pulls no punches in an effort to win back a generation now loyal to Firefox and Chrome.

The video has all the makings of a viral success and with well over 48 million hits on YouTube since its release Wednesday it’s doing pretty well. Anyway if you were born between 1984 and 1988, have a taste for nostalgia and turn the music up really loud!

Film credits:

Advertising Agency: Column Five, Newport Beach, CA, USA
Creative Director: Ross Crooks
Director: Nick Miede
Director of Photography: Simon Duhamel
Editor: Augie Arredondo
Music Composer: Marmoset
Colorist: Bob Curreri

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