Web Video of the Week – Coca-Cola 2nd Lives

Our favourite web video of the week is Coca-Cola 2nd Lives. The beverage giant partnered with advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather China on the “2nd Lives” campaign offering 16 different screw-on attachments. These transform the otherwise-useless left-over plastic bottle into something fun, creative and usable (like water guns, whistles, paint brushes, bubble makers pencil sharpeners etc).

This environmentally friendly campaign was launched in Vietnam, where 40,000 free caps will be given away when purchasing the iconic soda drink. It’s all part of a clever effort to encourage consumers in Vietnam to recycle and so far Coke has given away 40,000 of these modified caps.

“These unique bottle caps are changing consumers’ behavior and mindsets with an incredibly simple, yet clever, idea. It’s not about high tech capabilities, just creative thinking”. – Coca Cola

Will it change the world? maybe not but we think its a great idea anyway. Check it out the video!

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