Web Video of the Week – Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard

Our favourite web video of the week is this hilarious advert by Coca-Cola advertising their new product called the Social Media Guard. This spoof video pokes fun at everyone’s obsession with their phones, offering a solution to help end the worlds social media addiction. Created in Coke’s notorious red color, the Social Media Guard is meant to help people refrain from staring down at their phones by using the same thing a vet would use to keep dogs from licking their wounds! 😀

According to Coca-Cola, the Social Media Guard takes the “social” out of media and puts it back into your life. The commercial illustrates the fact that we spend so much time on our smartphones (using Twitter, Facebook etc) that we neglect to interact with other people or observe what’s actually going on in our immediate surroundings.

Anyway it’s just a bit of fun however it will definitely make me think twice before checking my phone at the dinner table again!

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