Web Video of the Week – Drummer Wanted: Dean Zimmer

Our favourite web video of the week is this short but inspiring documentary called Drummer Wanted: Dean Zimmer. It follows a drummer (no ordinary drummer!) called Dean Zimmer who has arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder that makes it difficult to move his joints. However despite his limited range of motion and being restricted to a wheelchair, he has adapted his drumming style, allowing him to pursue his life long dream.

The short film was directed by Ross Harris and Stanley Gonxales who both live in Los Angeles, mostly working on commercial and television projects. They met Zimmer at a shared band rehearsal studio one night and suddenly decided they wanted to make a documentary about his extraordinary story. Harris and Gonzales profiled Zimmer for the documentary, basing the structure of the narrative around a few different interviews and combining it with some stunning slow motion shots of him playing. Harris says “There’s an undeniable musicality and precision to the way Zimmer drums, the passion written all over his face”.

Zimmer is not restricted by his disability, in the video he says ““Probably the best way I’ve found to play is to step out of it somehow and try to leave all the physical stuff behind.. Play from the heart, man”.

Anyway we think Dean is awesome.. check out his amazing story:

Directed by Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales
Shot and Edited by Ross Harris
Sound by Stanley Gonzales
Additional camera by Yamit Shimonovitz and John Phaneuf

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