Web Video of the Week: Route 94 – My Love (Official Video)

Our favourite web video of the week is Route 94 – My Love (Official Video). You’ve probably seen stuff shot with thermal-imaging cameras before, but this video really pushes the boundaries in terms of how it can be used. Sometimes, all it takes is a new tool or a different approach to spark creativity and innovation. Director Ryan Staake and DP Adam Donald shot this music video with a highly specialized FLIR SC8200 (this type of camera is typically used for detecting heat loss from homes or buildings and to correct for energy waste).

The biggest challenge they found when filming, was that fact that they were shooting heat instead of light. Obviously this was difficult to anticipate and control due to the way the unpredictable way the camera registers heat. However they also commented that it was easier in a way as they didn’t need to actually light the scene which gave them a lot of freedom. Anyway we think its a awesome, they have really used the technology to their advantage. Check it out 😉

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