Web Video of the Week – Superman With a GoPro

Our favourite web video of the week is Superman With a GoPro, created by the extremely talented guys over at Corridor Digital. The video is an awesome example of what happens when you combine a GoPro Hero +3, a DJI Phantom II Quadcopter, an actor dressed as Superman, and some clever editing/vfx.

They took the drone around Los Angeles shooting many different sites and later adding the superhero’s arms and other vfx. Niko Pueringer (who co-directed the film with Gorski and producer Jake Watson) said “It was a bit of a learning curve.. most of the stuff we shot we’re standing on the ground.. we had to learn the limits of flying via a remote control”. The main problem they encountered whilst shooting was loss of signal with both the drone and Gopro as it flew behind tall buildings.

Silly but ingenious, that’s the best way to describe the video, this is a POV video unlike any other (trust us!). Anyway, the video went up just under a week ago, and is spreading like wildfire. Check it out

You can also see how they did it in this behind-the-scenes video.

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