Web Video of the Week – Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Our favourite web video of the week is Unbelievable Bus Shelter by Pepsi Max. This PR stunt (which is part of their ‘Unbelievable’ campaign) is a new experiential campaign which takes advantage of augmented reality technology. The invention locates a special real-time display on the exterior face of a billboard wall, which visualizes a realistic augmented live stream of exaggerated events from the inside.

The really clever thing about AR is that, because there is a camera on the other side, you can still see what’s happening (the special effects were simply layered over the top). From wild tigers and giant tentacles to alien space invasions and laser-zapping robots, the reactions from people are priceless. This advert goes to show the huge potential new technology has for engaging potential customers though brand experience.

Check it out!

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