Web Video of the Week – An Undertaking

Our favourite web video of the week is this slightly morbid but brilliant short documentary called An Undertaking. The video follows Michael Yates, a young carpenter who has been asked by his dying grandmother to make a coffin for her. Despite its bizarre subject matter we think it’s a great story, told in a very heart warming and quirky way.

The structure of the video is based round an interview, this main narrative is then intersected with some amazing closeups and slow motion shots of him working. It is in these detailed shots where you really get a feeling for the amount of love and craftsmanship that goes into sculpting things out of wood.

The video was produced by Dark Rye, an online magazine who seek out interesting stories and real interactions. They sum up the video as constructing “a genuine relationship with life, death and sawdust”.

Anyway we reckon it’s well worth a watch 😉

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