Web Video of the Week – WALLEY POS-86

Our favourite web video of the week is WALLEY POS-86 by Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley. It’s a hilarious fake product video that parodies the typical camera promos you see all the time (which are all very similar!). With all of the new cameras on the market, it’s a great example of how products are marketed and sold to us.

With its 16-bit RAW processing, amazing on-camera light and 4 built in lenses, it really gives other cameras a run for their money. Forget about the Black Magic, Red Epic, Dragon, or whatever else you may have seen on the market the Walley POS-86 beats them all! 😀

The “WALLEY POS-86 Promo Video” was produced as part of the art exhibition “Creation to Consumption” curated by Hills Snyder for the artist-run exhibition space, Sala Diaz.

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