Web Video of the Week – Yosemite

Our favourite web video of the week is Yosemite by Photographer Ian Ruhter. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you would have no doubt seen his Silver & Light video which follows him travelling around America in an old delivery truck (converted into giant mobile camera!). However the initial project took a turn towards the worst when Ruhter’s methods for developing the photographs didn’t go as planned.

In the video below, we are allowed a glimpse of Ruhter’s latest attempt in accomplishing what he had failed before. A poignant and inspirational video, the photographer mostly shares his feelings on his initial attempt here and what drives him to do it again.

My greatest failure in life came when I lost the ability to believe in my own dreams. It had taken a year and a half to return to Yosemite after enduring one of my most heartbreaking experiences. In an unexpected twist of fate I regained the courage to try again after seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Ian Ruhter

Original video

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