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We make videos that humanise a brand and drive the business forward.

What is an animated business video

What is an animated business video?

An animated business video (also known as a corporate video) tells the story of your company or product and its values. They can be a great tool for connecting with customers and even communicating internally with employees.

Our video production agency helps you create animated video content for every stage of your sales funnel and customer communications.

How can a business animation help me?

Explainer videos can be a huge asset for any company looking to stand out from the crowd. An animated business video can help corporate clients in any industry like banking, fintech, insurance, accounting and legal services. Here are a few quick reasons you should get one:

No other type of content comes even close to animation when it comes to internal training and delivering critical data to your employees. It can save you thousands of pounds and staff-hours while accomplishing the same goals.

How can a business animation help me
Cut through the corporate noise

Cut through the corporate noise!

The corporate world is full of boring reports, reviews, papers and jargon. Cutting through that noise with a short and slick animated business video can really help your bottom line.

At Creature Productions we create high quality corporate videos for businesses around the world. We’ve worked with a range of companies from small startups to big corporations.

Each company is unique so we do our best to workout your values and goals. The great thing about animation is the ability to tailor and refine it to accomplish different objectives.

So whatever your current goal, whether it’s promoting a new product or training your workforce more efficiently, we’re confident we can find a solution that meets your needs.

What's next?

We start the project by listening to you, finding out your needs and then suggesting a solution that meets your budget.

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