Animation process

We breakdown our animation process in 7 simple steps.

So you’re thinking about starting a project and are wondering what to expect? Well, don’t worry!

If you’ve never done animation before, it can seem like a mysterious process. Here’s our basic overview of the animation process to give you a better understanding of how everything works. For each of the stages we’ve added some basic information and how long it takes, so you’ll feel confident at each and every step.


1. Brief

To help you get the best out of your animation, we need to understand you better. We send you a short briefing document for you to fill. This is
basically a quick questionnaire that lets us understand your company and your project.


2. Script

The foundation of any great video is a creative and engaging story. Now that we have a good understanding of what you do, let’s turn it into a script that communicates your message and hits your target audience where it counts.


3. Storyboard

After the script is signed off we’ll start to develop initial concept frames for your animation. Once you’re happy with the animation style we then create a full storyboard that details the visuals for the video scene-by-scene.


4. Voiceover

Your video needs to speak to people. And to do that, it needs the perfect voiceover. We have curated list of talent for your to choose from based on gender, age and regional accent.


5. Animation

Here’s where everything takes shape. Once the script, storyboard and voiceover are signed off we get cracking with putting your animation together and adding music/SFX. Just sit back and relax!

6. Preview/Feedback

We provide a link to the first edit where you will have the option to review it and provide any feedback. We allow for 2 rounds of amendments so don’t worry!


7. Delivery

After we’ve made the final tweaks to your animation we’ll deliver it to you as an HD 1080p MP4 file, ready for download. If you need help figuring out where and how to host it then we’re happy to point you in the right direction!



We specialise in explainer videos, app/website demos, tutorials, product videos, educational videos, commercial ads and more.

We can make 2D animations with dynamic, creative and powerful messages to convey your product or service.

Yes each and every video we create at Creature Production is 100% unique. We craft the scripts, illustrations, and storyboards by hand, and then piece together the video scene by scene. It takes more time, but the wait is well worth it. We want to spend time working on videos we love, and we want to be proud of the work we publish.

After the preview is ready you’ll have two rounds of amendments where you can suggest edits and changes. Once you’re happy and approve it, we move forward to the next step.

Do you want more rounds of amendments? You can have more! However, take into account that this will affect not only the budget but also the final deadline of the video production.

If you are worried that you’ll need more than 2, don’t. Most of our projects only end up using 1 round of amendments.

You have the full rights on the final video to use however and wherever you want.

Videos are much more engaging than just text. If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth a million!

Due to the short attention span of the average viewer and the vast amounts of content online, people are unlikely to stay on your website for long unless it has something interesting to keep them there.

Text can be risky since there are so many ways people can interpret what they read whereas a well animated video allows you to guide the viewer. We all know how tedious it is to present statistics and data which can cause your audience to quickly lose focus.

However with a simple explainer video, people gain a far better understanding of a product or service as they can see and hear someone explain it. If you want to draw in your audience and keep them focused then using animation will help you do this.

Of course. We have a lot of web design and marketing agencies who we work with on a regular basis. This approach allows us to work directly with you and your company so your client never knows who created their videos. This programme allows us to provide awesome videos while you continue to focus on what you do best.

We get asked this a lot! Video format can represent a few different things however here is a quick guide:

  • Resolution – size of the actual video picture e.g. 1080p is an HD picture size with a dimension of 1920×1080
  • Video codec – a codec basically compresses and decompresses data. Your computer comes with many codecs pre-installed however there are a lot of different codecs out there and it can get really confusing. These days you really only need to concern yourself with a few common ones such as H.264 (suitable for Youtube or Vimeo).
  • Video container – video format is more than just its file extension. Extensions like AVI are not, in fact, video codecs, they’re containers. Most common containers you are likely to come across are MP4 (videos forYouTube/Vimeo), AVI (common Windows format) and MOV (Apple’s QuickTime container format).
  • Frame rate – videos create the illusion of motion by showing still images in rapid succession. The number of images shown per second is referred to as the frame rate per second (fps). A few common frame rates are 24p (cinema), 25p (European standard) and 30p (North American standard).

Of course! However keep in mind that this might increase costs. Crafting a creative and well polished animated video takes time! So it’s best not to rush the process if possible. That being said, sometimes you don’t have a choice. For those special cases we can work out what’s possible with your deadline.

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