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What is an explainer video

What is an explainer video?

If you’re not familiar with explainer videos, they’re basically short videos that show a product or service using animated graphical elements.

The average attention span is pretty short so if potential customers can’t understand your message in less than 60 seconds, you will have lost their interest.

We can create a range of animated videos to show how your product works, introduce your company or promote your brand.

Harness the power of animation!

Animated videos can improve user engagement, increase your conversion rate and educate your audience with powerful visual metaphors. Here are a few more quick reasons you should get one:

Explainer videos are becoming an effective tool to quickly describe your business or service. This makes them an ideal marketing tool and a great investment for any business.

Harness the power of animation
How can an explainer video help me

How can an explainer video help me?

PowerPoint slide shows with a bunch of words and boring pie charts are likely to send your target audience to sleep.

However an explainer video with a sharp narrative and stunning visuals can capture the attention of your audience instantly.

This makes them perfect for landing pages, campaigns, internal marketing and sharing on social media. Why not get an animated video for your business today to reinforce your brand and boost sales.


Infographics is a term used to describe a static graphic visual representation of information. Whereas explainer videos help to explain a service or product by using animated motion graphics and typography.

Yes. We have a selection of voiceovers to choose from in a range of accents and nationalities. We can search our list based on your requirements (gender, age and regional accent) or we can select the voiceover for you. Using our knowledge and experience we make sure you have a voiceover that is well matched to communicate with your audience.

This depends on the video length and style. However standard turnaround is usually 2-3 weeks including feedback and amendments.

  1. Scriptwriting: 2-3 days
  2. Storyboard: 4-6 days
  3. Voiceover: 1-2 days
  4. Animation: 10-14
  5. Feedback/amendments: 2-3 days
We like to adopt a simple and transparent workflow, working with you
every step of the way.

There is a distinct difference between a video that is entertaining and a video that connects with its audience. The main aim of an explainer video is to motivate the viewer to respond by giving them a distinct call to action. This is vital and could mean the difference between them leaving or deciding make a purchase, recommending your brand and sharing the video with other people.

The majority of explainer videos we produce have a different set of requirements but the price is usually affected by following:

  • Duration
  • Scriptwriting
  • Animation style
  • Turnaround

We also have a range of common explainer video packages.

Our recommended length for an explainer video is 60-90 seconds to hold peoples attention. However if the product demands it then you could extend the video but we wouldn’t advise any longer than 4 minutes. So if you can shorten the amount of information and what you want to say as much as possible then that’s good start!

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