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What is an animated tutorial

What is an animated tutorial?

Animated tutorials (also called How-to-Videos) usually revolve around a process, and how to accomplish it following a step-by-step guide.

They combine motion graphics, screenshots and audio to communicate with your viewer and help them visualize data. 

Bring a boring process to life!

An animated tutorial video is a great way to reach out across various different learning styles. With highly engaging visual elements, it stands a better chance of getting the message through to your audience. Here are a few more quick reasons you should get one:

Bring a boring process to life
How can an animated tutorial help me

How can an animated tutorial help me?

Put simply, an animated tutorial can help every business present a clearer message to its audience. It can take a supposedly dry piece of information and transform it into an engaging and visual piece of content. Content that might assist an audience in the decision making process, build their understanding of a subject, or create an emotional connection.

Tutorials are an intuitive way to teach and train people, no-matter what your subject. You could make an instructional video on how to use your product, show off your expertise to gain followers or build a resource of business training videos.

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