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What is a product demo video

What is a product demo video?

A product demo video is a short animated video created to demonstrate a products functionality and purpose within minutes. It helps showcase your product’s value to customers and boost sales.
We research your product to develop the right message that explains what it’s about, how it’s unique and why people should care.

Demonstrate, educate & engage

Whenever you’re selling a product online, one of the major drawbacks is that your audience can’t touch, feel or hold it. Animation helps them look closer, showing all the key benefits and building the confidence they need to help them make a purchase. Here are a few more quick reasons you should get one:

Demonstrate educate engage
What makes a good animated product demo video

What makes a good animated product demo video?

A successful product explainer video needs to be short and straight to the point with a clear call to action. It should focus on the customer’s problem and demonstrate how people can tackle it using the product.

Sometimes, when you want to show off your awesome new product, live action filming just doesn’t cut it. That’s because, whilst filming is great, it has its limitations for product videos. Whereas animation gives you the freedom to break out of the real-world and simplify complex ideas using whatever environments, characters or graphics you dream up.

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