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What is an Explainer Video? [Essential Guide with Examples]

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We look at what an explainer video is and how you can use them for your business. Also, we look at the most common types of explainer videos and their different uses.

We live in a world where people want information to be readily accessible. Plus, there’s a ton of competition. So if you don’t provide easy access to information for your customers, they’ll look elsewhere. And that’s not something you want.

So, what do you do? You ease your customers’ journey into understanding your product or service by showing them a video. 86% of marketing professionals are now using video content.

Explainer videos are a fun way of sharing information. They’re also an effective marketing tool for your business where you can quickly hook customers to your product or service.

Let’s discuss explainer videos and their effect. The guide will also cover how to choose the best company to make an explainer video for you.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, animated video that explains a product or service in a digestible way. It’s like a commercial, but it’s not selling a product. Instead, it’s teaching the viewer about the product or service.

The best videos are clear, concise, and informative. Moreover, they are entertaining, so viewers are more likely to watch till the end. Here are some other features of a good video:

  • Short Duration: No one has hours to watch an explainer video. People want a quick and concise video that gives them all the information they need. It’s best if the video is a few minutes, typically 2-3.
  • Strong CTA: Your video should have a strong call to action (CTA). For example, you can tell the viewers to take the free trial.
  • Entertaining: An explainer video doesn’t have to be dry and boring. In fact, it’s better if it’s entertaining. It should keep viewers engaged and force them to watch till the end.
  • Problem-Solving: People are probably watching the video because they want to know how your product can help them solve a problem. If the video answers this question, your customers will be happy.
  • High Quality: You’ll be able to get your message across to the viewers more effectively if the video is of high quality. So you need a company that can achieve a high standard.

Why Are Explainer Videos so Effective?

As mentioned, in today’s world, people have short attention spans. They want information that is quick and easy to digest. Explainer videos provide just that.

Customers don’t want to read long manuals or articles on your website. They want the information in concise pieces.

Explainer videos are effective because they are short and to the point. They can easily show a complex message in a short amount of time. This is perfect for online audiences who have a short attention span.

3 Simple Questions

All good explainer videos focus on three main questions. In answering these questions, the videos become effective at what they were made to do.

  • What: Firstly, an explainer video shows what the customers’ problems are.
  • How: Then, it explains how your product or service solves this problem.
  • Why: The video shows viewers why they should choose your product or service for solving their problems.

By following this approach, explainer videos teach customers about a product or service in a simple way. Another reason explainer videos are so effective is that they are fun to watch.

They use animation, motion graphics, and humour to get their point across. It makes them enjoyable to watch, which means that people are more likely to stick around until the end.

Types of Explainer Videos

By now, you know what explainer videos are and why they’re so useful. It’s time to learn about the different types of explainer videos. Each type may work well for a certain product or service type.

You can choose the type of video you want to make based on your brand message and other needs. It also helps to create different types of videos for the same product.

2D Motion Graphics Example

  • Style: These videos use 2D animation to visualise a concept. As such, shapes, icons, text, and other illustrations are a staple in 2D motion graphics videos.
  • Used for: These videos are ideal if you want to showcase a complex product or service. Because of its simplicity, this style is also imaginative and adaptable.

2D Character Explainer Video Example

  • Style: These videos are still 2D but add characters to the mix. These characters help you tell your story. In turn, this shows your products and services being used in real-life scenarios.
  • Used for: Here, the character is usually a customer who has a problem and solves it with the product. Thus, it gives customers a direct perspective that creates curiosity and stirs up emotions. So, for that personal touch, this might be the one to consider.

2.5D Explainer Video Example

  • Style: These videos make 2D objects look like 3D objects. In other words, these objects appear and move like 3D graphics. Thus, it gives your videos a sophisticated look.
  • Especially good for: Those times when you want the effects of 3D animation without the complexity.

3D Explainer Video Example

  • Style: This style uses actual 3D animation and models, much like those in animated movies. As such, the objects and characters are far more realistic compared to the other styles.
  • Used for: These are great at explaining products like cars, machinery, and other similar products. Moreover, they are also a good option for explainer videos introducing futuristic concepts and designs. However, keep in mind that these videos could be pricey and take some time to produce.

Whiteboard Animation Example

  • Style: This style uses a whiteboard as the backdrop for the visuals. Because they’re an animated illustration of a concept, they’re simple too. Yet, despite their simplicity, whiteboard videos are still engaging and popular.
  • Used for: These videos are a versatile yet simple way of explaining complex concepts. This is because it presents the information bit by bit, which then makes it easier to digest. Also, these videos are a good option if you have a budget.

Typographic Animation Example

  • Style: This style aims to make the text more engaging. It does this by animating the text of the audio narration. Keep in mind, though, that because it’s the only text, you can’t use these videos for demonstrations.
  • Use for: These are great when you use many numbers and statistics in a video. Despite being effective, they’re also cheap and can be simple to create.

Why Do You Need One?

Today, every company needs an explanatory video, irrespective of what their product is. Here are some reasons you need a video.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: 88% of people might buy a product or service if they’ve seen an explainer video about it. Thus, an explainer video can help increase conversion rates for your product, increasing sales.
  • Organic Visibility: The higher you rank on Google, the easier it will be for your customers to find you. If you have a video on your website, it makes your website more likely to appear on Google’s first page. What else could you ask for?
  • Shareability: People trust their friends and family more than they trust a brand. Thus, explainer videos can easily spread through social media and increase your brand awareness. That’s because your customers can share these videos online.
  • Brand Awareness: In the past, businesses had to use TV commercials and print ads to create awareness for their brand. However, you can do the same with an explanatory video today.

Ideal Length of an Explainer Video

The ideal length for an explainer video is 90 seconds. One and a half minutes is the sweet spot for explaining your product or service without boring the viewer. On average, 57% of the viewers watch a video till the end if it’s only a minute to two minutes long. It means a 90-second explainer video will appeal to well over half of your audience.

When creating an explainer video, remember that you don’t have to include all the information. Instead, focus on the most critical points and save the rest for in-depth videos or written guides.

If a video becomes longer than two minutes, the retention rate drops to 47%. That’s because viewers start getting bored at this point. Some people might think a longer video is better able to explain the features of a product or service. But there is no point in making a longer video if no one will watch it till the end. Also don’t forget to check out our article on the best video length for social media.

How Much Should Your Explainer Video Cost?

The acceptable price range for an explainer video is around £1200-£4500 depending on the length. If you need a 1-minute video, it should cost about £1400-£2500.

Obviously, you can also get such videos for a lower price from websites like PeoplePerHour or Upwork. However, you may have to compromise on quality.

How to Choose the Right Animation Company?

By now, you should know quite a lot about explainer videos. It’s time to choose a company that can make a video for you. You must remember that this video will most likely be your first impression on the customers. Therefore, you want to make sure the company you choose is fit for the job. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Quality: The quality of work you get should be the top priority when choosing a video production company. Ask to see some of their previous work and make sure they have a good track record.
  • Experience: The company you choose should have a lot of experience creating videos. They should know how to capture your brand’s essence and create a video reflecting it.
  • Customisability: The company should customise the video according to your needs. They should be able to work with you and understand what you’re looking for in a video.
  • Price: Don’t just go for the cheapest company. Look for different companies. Then, choose the one that offers the best value for money.
  • Script: Select a company that focuses on writing a script that speaks to the audience personally. We make sure that your writing is well-written, engaging, and on-brand.

Summary of Our Process

At Creature Productions, we divide our explainer video creation process into simple steps to make it easy for our clients. Here’s the summary of our process:

  • Brief: Before we begin, we will send you a briefing document. You’ll fill out this questionnaire. Your answers will help us understand your needs better.
  • Script: Based on the answers you’ve given, we will write a script that conveys your brand’s message. We have experts who can write scripts based on your brand’s message.
  • Storyboard: If you give us the go-ahead, we will then create a storyboard. The storyboard will have a scene-by-scene breakdown of the video. It will also show you what you can expect to see in the final video.
  • Voiceover: We have many voiceover artists with different accents, genders, and ages. You can choose the talent that fits your needs.
  • Animation: Here’s when we do our magic. The step takes 10 to 14 days. Thus, you’ll have an animated video with music, SFX, and voiceover at the end of it.
  • Preview: We will send you a link to the first edit. Then, you can provide your feedback on the video and suggest any revisions.
  • Delivery: After we’ve made changes to the video based on your feedback, we will send it to you in 1080p HD format. You can download it on your end and upload it to your website.

As you see, our explainer video production process is quite smooth. Moreover, we stay connected with you at every step to ensure that you’re getting the video you want.

Suppose you want the video to be more on board. Let us know which changes you want us to make. We will make the required changes to ensure the final video is just the way you want.

Final Words: Why Do You Need an Explainer Video?

In short, an explainer video can help businesses in many ways. For example, you can create awareness about your brand, tell customers about a new service or introduce your product to the world.

At Creature Productions, we’re a full service UK animation studio. We make awesome handcrafted explainer videos that improve user engagement, increase conversion rates and educate viewers.

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